Tuesday, February 1, 2011


One of the great new things that was invented along with the internet is music.  It's typically a bunch of notes strung together to sound good, and it's totally rad.  I've been checking it out lately and I really think it's going to catch on.

Seriously, though, the internet has totally revolutionized the way we entertain ourselves, though I'm not yet convinced we've found the best way to appreciate music.  So, I use a careful combination of what's out there to keep my ears happy.  It's a mix between Pandora, YouTube, iTunes, and my latest discovery: Grooveshark.  Unlike Pandora, you can type the name of a song into Grooveshark and actually listen to it.  You can also make and save playlists, save songs and/or artists as favorites, listen to "radio" stations based on genre and, my favorite touch, see what your fellow sharks are hunting out there in the vast waters of musicality [Sidenote: my username is julesjr1. Add me and let's share some jams!]. Such did my dear friend Jesse discover the sweet sounds of Jorge Drexler.  Grooveshark told me he'd been listening, and using the power of Jing (more free software that I love. I'll tell you about it later), I captured our interchange on the very topic.  Groovy, no?