Wednesday, September 29, 2010

something beautiful to strive for

Such was the subject of an email from Theo on August 6, 2010.  A one-line intro and then the poem:

Icon, By Mark Osaki 
Once, in a great while
you will see a sign
and invest in it everything
out of the simple faith
it is meant for you 
You will surrender
all you’ve been taught
to the purity of its direction
and stand perfectly still
knowing nothing more is beyond it 
This is how they will find you:
unable to break away, peering
steadfast from the threshold
starved be certainty
blessed forever and unobserved

This is just so I have a record

of all the stuff I, and others, find on the great global world wide interwebs.  Some of it's worth sharing, and some of it's not.  But I'mma just go ahead and put it here on this here blog.  Kay?